Thursday, August 6, 2015

Assess Me: Week 2

I am linking up again with Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher for another one of her "assessments". :-)
This one is gonna be fun!!!
Alright I may have to explain a few.....
1.) I live in jeans or shorts. I have I believe 3-5 skirts in my whole wardrobe. The only skirts I LOVE are maxi skirts.
2.) I have a collection of earrings, ranging from funky to classic.
3.) Conan is just hilarious. Enough said. :-)
4.) I love silver although the lady behind the jewelry counter said gold goes with my skin tone. :-/ Ugh the inner struggle.....
5.) Country born and raised and that's where I will always be. :-)
6.) I love doing my shopping online...QVC anyone? :-)
7.) Self-explanatory
8.) I have difficulty trusting a lot of people. If I am close to you and share my stories than you have earned my trust.
9.) I love going away on vacation, but I think I get more excited to be coming home. I could stay at home all the time. :-)
10.) I don't really like a lot of breakfasty type food. I used to eat leftovers from dinner for breakfast. Now I drink Shakeology and it curbs my hunger and gives me something to look forward to every morning.
11.) I am a coffee addict. I like the pumpkin spice latte around fall (should be soon). My favorite is the Iced Coffee you can buy at the grocery store in Mocha. If you haven't tried it and are an iced coffee lover you definitely should.
12.) Early bird all the way. In the summer time I get up at 5:30-6:00 and start my day off right by exercising. The only downfall is that I feel tired around 9:00.
13.) Done up. I love being put together and looking pretty. However, if you see me at Walmart on the weekend/after work I very rarely look fancy. :-)
14.) This one was tough. Mother Nature is beautiful and lightening is one of her splendors. As long as it stays far away and lets me admire it from a distance. :-)
15.) I love both equally although my flats are the only ones that love me back. :-)
16.) I love riding in the car. I have never been in an airplane and trains are cool. But I love just being able to hop in the car and go.
17.) I don't really like either show enough to pick. Now ask me about HGTV shows and I have a definite opinion. Love it or List It VS. Love it or List It Too. The original is always the best.
18.) Central Air. I do not like crowds that much and Central Park just seems like it would be crowded.....
Thank you Rachel for your awesome questions! Can't wait for the next one!! :-)

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