Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell All Tuesday!

It's that time of the week again! Tell All Tuesday! I am so glad that Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K have done this link-up in the summer because it helps me keep my days straight......sort of. :-)  
I am so excited to share this post with you!!! Today's topic is

1.) Comfy and Cute Chairs
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These chairs just scream, "Sit on me!" :-) I would love to have enough space in my classroom for the Dr. Seuss chair. But, then I would probably never get up. :-)
The other chairs are just so cute and colorful. I mean who wouldn't want those in their room.
2.) A Reading Center with lots of room + Bean Bags!!!
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I had bean bags in my room, but not an organized center like this. I would love to have enough space to create a little library with labeled bins and a designated spot for bean bags.....(sigh)
3.) An Organized + Cute Desk Area
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Every year, I set out with the intention of having a really cute and functionally desk area. My first year I put wrapping paper around my desk. That lasted I think a week or two before the kids had it ripped. Last year, I decided to put my name on the front and leave it blank until I decided a better way to decorate it. My blank desk was quickly filled up with student artwork. That was fine with me. :-)
This year I vow to have a cute desk area!!! :-)
4.)Some type of flexible seating
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These stools are so cute and inexpensive to make. I think I can tackle this project!! I'm also a sucker for anything chevron.
5.) Some way of showing what is going on in the classroom throughout the year.
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I am a huge fan of social media. Although I feel that at times we are oversharing. I have always wanted a way to start a sort of modern timeline for my classroom. What better way to do that then through an Instagram bulletin board. I love this idea and can't wait to set up something similar in my classroom.

6.) Chalkboard EVERYTHING!!!
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Okay so maybe it's because I'm a teacher, or maybe it's because I love everything rustic/vintage. I am a chalkboard addict. Lol. :-) I have a ton of chalkboard items surrounding me as I type. You can never have enough chalkboard space either.

I love the fact of turning something that could be taking up space into something useful!

7.) A Pancake Floor Pillow
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This one is just so cool/weird. Who wouldn't love a floor pillow shaped like pancakes complete with a little tab of butter on the top. Haha! I LOVE it!!!

I can't wait to read all about everyone else's dream classrooms. If you would like to join in one the fun, click one of the links above to get started!



  1. Love the chalkboard idea! I love how black looks against bright colors- so I could totally get behind having chalkboard stuff all around a brightly decorated classroom :)

    I have beanbags in my room now and I HATE them! They were given to me by my AP because she thought it would help with a student who has severe sensory-processing disorder- oh boy was she wrong...all he does is throw them around and I end up locking them in my closet. I wish she had to come to me before buying them- I could have given her a list of much better stuff lol. :)

    X is for Apple

    1. Oh no. I had bean bags when I first started out and the kids and I loved them. Although I had 15 students and none of them threw them. I did have one kid land on one and the inside (beads) came out. :-X Thanks for commenting!

  2. That teacher desk and those chalkboard tables! SO cute! I agree with you about the "space" issue. If our rooms were as big as our dreams, imagine the environment we could create! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Very Perry Classroom

    1. Yes, if they would let us have a nice, huge rooms....imagine all the stuff we could do for the kids. :-) Thanks for commenting!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LoVe LOVE LoVE!! the Pancake floor pillow!! I want one!!
    Thank you for sharing your dream room!
    It’s Kinder Time

    1. I know!!! Isn't it super cute!!! :-) I think I need one for my house. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Those chalkboard tables are awesome! I love the colorful chairs and who wouldn't want that cozy Dr. Seuss chair?! Thanks for sharing your dream classroom!
    Always Kindergarten

    1. Love that chair. It just looks so soft. Thank you for commenting! :-)

  5. that first chair is as cute as can be! and the pancake pillow is a riot! Love it!

  6. WOW!! Loved reading through your dream classroom. You had some great ideas. I loved the chairs. I think I'm going to tackle the chevron crates today!! LOVE the idea of putting chalkboard paint on the file cabinet. That's brilliant! I think I might do that too, haha. Thanks for all the ideas and for linking up with us. Your blog is adorable!