Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Favorite Picture(s)

I am linking up with Miss. Monica at I Heart Grade 3 for her weekly summer link up.
The topic for today is:

Oh boy! This one is going to be hard because I have soooo many favorite pictures. Eventually I decided to do them all.

This is one of the very first pictures that was taken after becoming a wife to an amazing man! Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and more. We were surrounded by our friends and family who have helped and continue to help shape our relationship for the better!
Of course, you can't forget your best friend in a picture. Chelsee, is a true best friend! Although I didn't meet her till college, I feel like I have known her my whole life. She is crazy (in a good way), outgoing, and determined. I am so glad to have met her and I think she is a wonderful person. :-)
When I did my first half of my student teaching placement, I was blessed to have been put with Marla Patton. Marla helped me grow into the teacher that I am today. Sometimes when I'm teaching I will say/do something and in my head I will think oh my I sound like Marla. The sentences were part of the students' morning work that they had to correct. After graduating from college, I was lucky to get a job where I get to work with Marla and a bunch of other inspiring colleagues everyday! :-)

College graduation! This day was filled with a lot of emotion as it was the ending of one journey and the starting of getting a real job!
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Whenever I log in to my computer these are the pictures that I always stop and look at. They are just a few of the greatest moments of my life that have happened this far. There will be many more to come!!! :-)



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  1. Hello Mrs. Moore!

    Thanks for linking up! Your pictures are absolutely wonderful - and the stories to go with them are so heartwarming!