Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

First up, I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my dear ole Dad! :-) I am a true Daddy's girl.
Since this is the last Wednesday of July (WHAT?!?!?), it's time for another Shay's What's Up Wednesday post.
What We're Eating This Week:
Two words: BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! :-)
Other than that, tonight we will be having fried pork chops.
They're not the healthiest, but they do taste awesome! :-)
What I'm Reminiscing About:
Where did the summer go?!?!? It still seems like yesterday was the first day of summer break. Agh!!!
I'm also reminiscing about my 1st year wedding anniversary. It's crazy to think how a whole year goes by in the blink of an eye. I guess time flies when your having fun......
What I'm Loving:
I am loving all the stuff I picked up from the Target Dollar Spot! I stare at it everyday.
I can't wait till I can get in my classroom and get it set up. Yay for being in a new school! Boo for construction! :-)
I'm also loving having time to spend with my family. They are the funniest people I know and they help keep my sane and grounded. This summer has been a blessing because I have gotten to spend a lot of time with family members. :-)
What We've Been Up To:
This past weekend we went to one of my teacher friend's wedding. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I mean right off a wedding magazine cover.
The food was good. The bride was gorgeous. The music was pumping. What more could you ask for?

I also am on day 6 out of 21 in my progress of getting fit. That's not bad only 15 more days to go. I am seeing some improvement already. Hopefully it continues.
What I'm Dreading:
Unpacking all the boxes that will be in my classroom before getting to decorate. Thank goodness I will have some help.
At the beginning, while I was packing up my room I had a system. By the end, it became a "throw everything in one box and label random" kind of packing.
Anyone else do this???? :-)
What I'm Working On:
Grad school stuff. I am a type of person who likes to get a head start. So I have been reading, outlining, and answering questions on the books that I have to read for my courses. So far I am finding it very interesting. This book is all about personality traits and how it affects a person's leadership abilities.
I instantly fell in love with this book because it had me take 2 quizzes to figure out what type of leader I am. I LOVE quizzes. :-)
What I'm Excited About:
Oh my! So much! Where to begin....
1.) Hopefully getting into the new school soon
2.) Getting ready to start a new school year
3.) My new purse that I got in the mail today (QVC). Hubby, if your ready I promise I didn't spend that much on it. :-)
4.) The progress of my hubby's building that he is putting up
5.) Grad school starting in August
What I'm Watching/Reading:
Of course, right now I am semi-watching HGTV (Buying and Selling), love Drew and Jonathan.
I am reading my grad school book, Finding Your Leadership Style.
What I'm Listening To:
Currently, I am listening to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. Yes, I'm a swify. Love my girl T-Swift. :-)
What I'm Wearing:
Usually, I can either be seen in shorts and a tank, exercise clothes, or my p.j.'s. On the rare occasion that I am running errands, I dress up a little more. :-)
What I'm Doing This Weekend:
This weekend, I have plans of spending some time with the hubby. He is having a guy come out to pour concrete for his building. I am hoping to get to put my handprint somewhere... :-)
What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:
1.) School (grad and my job) starting
2.) Hubby's birthday
3.) Hopefully planning a friend date
4.) Seeing more results from 21 Day Fix Extreme
What Else Is New:
Nothing too much. I think I covered everything and then some above.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!!

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  1. What is it about HGTV that sucks you in and makes you watch for three days straight?? Love Jonathan and Drew!