Monday, July 27, 2015

Assess Me!

Thanks to Jill from Chevron and Centers who posted about a fun link-up to help everyone get to know the people behind the blogs, I found a little link-up from Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher.
You know I'm a sucker for blog link-ups.
This one is a get to know me.

Yes, I do talk to myself....a lot. (Doesn't everybody?!?!)
I am superstitious...I won't absolutely WON'T pick up a penny unless it is heads up, will not walk under ladders, and will never ever break a mirror. I am not that superstitious when it comes to black cats though, they are just to cute. :-)
I do crack my knuckles. I know some people think it's gross. I think it's a nervous habit.
I'm not really hungry. I just had a little baggies of veggie straws....:-)
My T.V. is usually on. Either on QVC, HGTV, or watching DVDs of Pretty Little Liars.
Unfortunately, I do not have my wisdom teeth. No extra wisdom for me. :-/ I had them taken out when I was in high school because of having braces. Let me tell ya, it was not the best thing in the world.
Showering?!?! Really?!?! I generally shower every day. :-)
I have never been to Disney...I know I know....
I do not wear glasses, but I already have the ones I want picked out in case I need them in the near future.
Yup, I still live in my hometown. Born here, raised here, and will die here. :-)
If you would like to join in on the fun, head on over to Rachel's blog.

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