Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Solar System Humor....

One day, our Science book came across the unit on the Solar System. So I did what any teacher would do….pull out the ole’ solar system. You know the one with the big sun in the middle and the planets all on little wires that can orbit around.

I did that and the kiddos were having fun moving the planets around and making comments like “Look how big Saturn is compared to us (Earth)!” It was a great day.

So……in my wisdom (maybe not so much), I decided to bring in this HUGE book that had photos and fun facts about each of the planets. After we finished our Science lesson, I brought the kids up around me in the front of the room. I turned the pages and told them some fun facts about each one. We were having a great time and the kids were soaking up all of the information. YAY! {Insert happy teacher face}

Until Uranus came up. Now in our Science book it was pronounced (Ur-an-is). Potatoes Patotoes. I was happy with that because I was not about to say the other form of this planet’s name in front of 3rd graders. Well I was going over the facts about this lovely planet when all of a sudden one of my students makes the comment……..wait for it……

“Oh. Uranus is so pretty.” (not pronounced the way our book said) The other kids erupt in laughter. That student had no idea what they had just said. I mean it took me more than ten minutes to get back on track. Although I must admit that it was pretty funny. {Insert teacher face trying to hold in giggles}

Just another day in the life of me.

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